Cover the entire wire-wrapped area, including the top part of the metal rod, with electrical tape. Remember not to take too many worms from one area in your yard or it may negative effects on the soil ecology, its very easy to severely deplete worm numbers, so be sure not overdo it. Skim your pool – You can use a leaf skimmer to remove the creatures and other material that might be floating around. ft would come to the surface and be caught. 2 metal rods about 18 inches long (such as metal clothes hangers), Long electrical cord with plug on one end. Remember, healthy worms are happy worms. It puts out vibrations, and the little guys just start popping out. i too have never tested it though. wink: Bubba Tup: Bubba, May 20, 2010 #17. salmonfinder New Member. I saw some dried/dead worms on the outside walls of pool, and others caught in a few spider webs at the top. The collected worms should be stored in a cool (less than room temperature), dark location. A red lens seems to work best. Step 5 - Add Worms If you are collecting worms from around your yard, use caution when pulling them from the ground. ... Keep kids or pets out of the area you are going to shock. Basically, you take a stick (called a “stob”), pound it into the ground and rub a metal rod (known as a “rooping iron”) against the top of the stob. The probes are energized by household electricity at line voltage, typically 110 to 120 volts alternating current. Can't tell you why, they just do. The worms in the an area of several sq. I'll try it out later tonight. Or is in a low point where water collects during rain, worm holding bucket full of tap water (but if you want to be fancy, bottled water will work too). Another thing to look out for is sir walter grass, a springy foundationed grass which kind of forms a canopy with the bases of the grass, knotting together. Fun stuff. This is obviously not the best way to gather earthworms as the shock can damage their nervous system and they will die sooner. The WG6-S and WG8-L electric Worm Getter models have a single energized metal rod. I remember getting a light jolt once or twice, but nothing lethal. Electric worm probes are used by fishermen to shock fishing worms to the soil surface. ... neutral. Step 8 Gather worms off the ground. He would get 2 sticks of rebar, stick one of them into the ground where you'd think worms should be, then he'd take the other rebar & rub up & down the one sticking into the ground & the vibrations from the two pieces of rebar would make the worms come out of the ground! Traditional methods of getting worms include fiddling a stick to send vibrations into the ground, waiting for the rain and even pouring mustard into the ground to irritate the worms. Worms are capable of crawling out of containers without lids. Thoroughly soak the mixture and let the water drain out the bottom. A much dumber idea is to strip the ends off a line cord and put alligator clips on the ends. Even if it is raining out , I'm 99.9% sure you won;t get shocked. Never touch or reach between the rods when the cord is plugged in. That was fairly harmless. i have tried this in many friends backyards, and it works everywhere, even nature strips HAPPY WORMING Don't forget to comment! Repeat this process a few times to make sure everything is adequately moistened. These things ROCKED at getting the worms up. Also, can you shock worms out of the ground? Yes, I saw the video, and I was amazed too. worms will be everywhere. Step 7 Get all people and pets off the lawn. Place each metal rod about 8 inches into the ground with 10 to 12 inches of space between them. Remember, healthy worms are happy worms. How to Harvest Pecans. Mix the soap and water in the bucket (make sure to use an environmentally safe soap) and pour over the lawn. How to Charm Worms Out of the Ground The art of worm grunting. Wrap the hot wire. Some use pitchfork tines or saw into a sapling to create the necessary vibrations. 8 years ago by the way, did you check the video? your final container should be filled with compost dirt, not compost goo from the rotten fruits and veges, but the actual dirt from a compost heap. I put the worms in a coir based soil (no potting mix) and they stay there happily for some time, i dont use anything same day i catch it, but it works normal.Whatever doesnt come off after the rinse is nothing 2 days in some nice dirt cant fix. Cool!! Now, because i live in the tropics, and when i made this instructable, it was the wet season, pretty much anywhere theres grass, there is worms, because the earth is completely saturated under my lawn, so i can do this anywhere. A worm taser is nothing more than a metal rod (or multiple metal rods) that you stick in the ground and then turn on the electricity. This instructable, is about how to extract large amounts of worms from the soil, and also identifying a suitable area to extract the worms from! put your clean worms into your worm bucket, this should have a lid, and be worm friendly, such as having dirt in it, and leaves, basically all a worm could ever want, besides its freedom obviously.

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